Finding Connor

"Finding Connor" reads like part of a larger story. While touching and emotional at times, the tale feels incomplete. I wanted to know more about Adam, Brandon and Connor. I was already invested in the characters but the story ended abruptly and without resolution. It's a good short read but will leave you wanting more. Hopefully the author will continue with these characters and flesh out what has the potential to be a great read.

The Story: Adam has loved Connor since they were foster kids together. Although Connor left without word, Adam has always hoped to find him. When he does find him, anything could happen.

Book Blurb for Finding Connor

As foster kids, Adam and Connor had been best friends, but after their foster mom caught them kissing, Connor was kicked out. Adam had no idea what had happened to him until years later when that secret comes to light. With the knowledge that Connor had missed him too, Adam is determined to find him again, and to see if there is any hope for a future where they’re together.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2017 3.00