Escaping Fate

Veredian Chronicles Book 1

"Escaping Fate" is part of a deftly woven sci-fi epic. The characters are complex and multidimensional. The world building is incredible. The meshing of romance and sci-fi is done with skill. Slavery is the ever present backdrop to this unfolding journey and the author pulls no punches about its evils. Amalia, Lhor and Khel juggle strong emotions, tainted pasts and a scorching chemistry. While the sex is more explicit than in most sci-fi, it’s integral to the story. I would definitely recommend reading Raising Amalia before starting this one. So much is explained and the world makes more sense.

This is a riveting story that just builds and builds. It’s complicated and the secondary characters are fascinating. Lhor and Khel have an incredible relationship and Amalia brings it all together. Although the themes are dark and the past is haunting, this is a story of hope and love. I enjoyed this book immensely. Sci-fi is my genre of choice and well written erotic sci-fi is hard to find. "Escaping Fate" is an exception. It’s a truly great tale. I’m eagerly waiting to read the next installment.

Book Blurb for Escaping Fate

Born and raised on a slaver’s ship, Amalia plans to escape before she’s forced to participate in her master’s psi breeding program. She finds refuge on a foreign planet where she meets the cousins Lhor and Khel. Together, they fight against those hunting her down, while attempting to rescue the other victims of her master’s slave ring.

Between her master’s dogged pursuit, deadly rivalries, assassins, and corrupted nobles, can the cousins keep Amalia safe or will their respective feelings for her tear them apart?

This MFM novel is a constant toe-curling, action-packed thriller, and the first book in the Veredian Chronicles series. It is standalone with no cliffhanger.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2018 4.50