Discovery Snakeopedia

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Discovery Snakeopedia

The Complete Guide to Everything Snakes--Plus Lizards and More Reptiles

Discovery Snakeopedia is in a word: 'awesome'. That's a direct quote from five of my children. The pictures are vibrant, beautiful and very detailed. The book is well organized and filled with all kinds of info about snakes and their kin. Every turn of the page offers a new feast for the eyes. Not just for kids, this book has details and facts about habitats, life cycles, feeding and behavior. Lizards, turtles and crocodiles are included too. This book will be a staple in our house for years to come.

Snakeopedia is a comprehensive and detailed book of all things snake. The stunning photography is just the beginning of this snake encyclopedia. It's sure to engage, enthrall and entertain snake lovers of any age.

Book Blurb for Discovery Snakeopedia

Snakeopedia tells the whole story of these amazing creatures. From the enormous Green Anaconda to the tiny Zootaxa, the book includes hundreds of snakes and all 12 families. You an learn about identifying features, habitats, their dangerous venom, how they can swallow such large prey, and unusual snake behaviours. Along the way, colourful callouts offer tons of cool facts. You can meet pythons that can survive as long as a year between meals, spitting cobras that can squirt venom eight feet away, and even flying snakes, which can sail from branch to branch to catch lizards! From vipers to rattlesnakes, boas to cobras, Discovery Channel Snakeopedia is the ultimate encyclopaedia for snake fans of all ages.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2014 4.50