Daughters of Man: Claiming a Princess

Brenna Lyons is one of my favorite erotic authors. Her books are very sensual and she paints extremely visual scenes with her words. Daughters of Man: Claiming a Princess isn't really a standalone story, however, if you're just looking for a sizzling, sensual experience; it can be read on its own. It's part of the Sons of Heaven / Daughters of Man series and I highly recommend starting at the beginning.

This is great addition to the series. As Ramnah and Katia reenact Sky and Sakkri's courtship, the reader becomes part of an erotic sexual journey. The characters are well written and the story draws you into their fascinating world. Easily read in one sitting, Claiming a Princess is quite an experience.

The Story:

Sakkriel must choose his bride from among the most worthy toddlers and then wait for her to grow up. When she is ready, Sakkriel will follow a tradition filled with myth and sensual experience.

Book Blurb for Daughters of Man: Claiming a Princess

It's a tradition as old as recorded history.

The eldest prince chooses his bride from among the genetically strongest toddlers, and she is raised to be his princess. Though he doesn't believe a true bond can form between them that way, Sakkriel chooses an enchanting child that grows to be an exasperating young woman.

Now all he has to do is prove himself the god-descendant he is to claim her.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2014 5.00