Count This Cowboy In

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Count This Cowboy In

Count This Cowboy In is a sweet and touching romance. I love cowboys, especially, the spanking kind. I discovered domestic discipline stories sometime ago and this is a great example. Sam and Trevor really click. Sam is so hurt and angry that she has closed herself off. Trevor recognizes the woman beneath the facade. I really liked the the fact that Sam was a very capable ranch hand and Trevor was forced to accept that. Their relationship develops slowly and the reader is with them every step of the way. The spanking aspect of the story is well thought out and very emotional. This is a sweet romance with no erotic content but plenty of feeling. I would highly recommend this read to both 'spanking' romance fans as well as those just curious as to what it's all about. Misty Malone does a fantastic job of explaining the thought process behind domestic discipline and creates wonderful characters to care about.

Sam needs a job. She's spent her entire life preparing to run a ranch. Then it is all ripped away from her. She finds hope with Trevor Nottingham and his ranch. But Trevor was old-fashioned kind of man and no problem with spanking his new bookkeeper if that would keep her safe. But Sam is used to doing things her way and her past still has a hard hold on her. Trevor will do what it takes to free her and let her know how he feels about her

Book Blurb for Count This Cowboy In

Samantha, or Sam to her friends, feels betrayed and leaves Texas, heartbroken. She's looking for a job that will take her back to her one love; ranching.

Trevor is suddenly running a large ranch on his own after the sudden death of his parents in a plane crash. The ranching is not a problem, but he has no clue how to keep the books or run the office and is frustrated when Sam shows up at his door looking for a job as a bookkeeper. She is familiar with his bookkeeping program and when she quickly gets his past due bills paid for him, he hires her on the spot.

She soon comes across a mystery in his books, though, and sets out to investigate. After finally getting her to talk a bit about her past, he hears something that doesn't sound right to him and hires his old friend, who is now a private detective, and they do some investigating of their own.

The feisty little redhead sure knows how to get under his skin, but she also works her way into his heart. Her temper doesn't scare him off like it did other men because he has his own special way of dealing with her tantrums. It may be effective, but she's not sure she can live with his unique way of showing her how much he cares.

Follow along as the persistent pair make their way past stampeding cattle, a mountain lion, and other twists and turns in their path.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 4.50