Convincing Leopold

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Convincing Leopold

This story is a follow-up to Convincing Arthur. I recommend reading that one first to fully understand the dynamics of the relationship.

Leopold "Thorn" Thornton and Arthur Barrington have been together for three months. At first it was wonderful, but lately Arthur's been exhausted and Thorn's been insatiable. Both refuse to be honest with each other and misunderstandings abound. As Arthur pulls back, Thorn pushes harder using sex as an inducement.

I really do love these guys and it was hard to see them in so much pain. They clearly love each other but don't think much of themselves. Once again the author lets us listen in on both Thorn and Arthur's thoughts. It works so well with this type of story. It would be so easy to dislike one or both of these men if we didn't know what they were thinking. They express their love for each other in completely different ways and it could cost them their relationship. Ms. Marsh pens some very steamy sex scenes but it's the men's internal dialogue that really showcases her talent. We're with both of them as they work through their fears and foibles. Arthur finally snaps under what he perceives as Thorn's unrelenting pursuit. The result forces both men to face their fears. A realistic and poignant conclusion tops off a very enjoyable story. I really do love a well written historical romance and Ms. Marsh never fails to please.

Book Blurb for Convincing Leopold

Mr. Leopold Thornton finally has the man he’s loved for a decade, yet he can’t believe his good fortune. A reformed rake and a conservative solicitor? Can it possibly last? To add to Leopold’s worries, Arthur’s spending more time at the office...with a handsome new secretary. Desperate not to lose Arthur, Leopold does the only thing he can think of -- use pleasure to keep him.

Mr. Arthur Barrington truly wants their relationship to work. Sinfully beautiful and devoted to him, Leopold’s the opposite of Arthur’s staid ex-lover. And Leopold’s given up his old vices, putting those concerns to rest. Yet lately, all Leopold wants is sex -- in the study, in the carriage, and at Arthur’s office, no less. The sex is amazing, but juggling demanding clients and a demanding lover leaves Arthur exhausted and worried perhaps he and Leopold aren’t suited after all.

It takes one disastrous night for Arthur to realize how much Leopold means to him. But convincing Leopold he loves him, all of him and not just his body, proves difficult. For Leopold’s disappeared and Arthur hasn’t a clue where to find him.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.50