Convincing Arthur

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Convincing Arthur

Leopold has spent the last ten years engaging all sorts of debauchery just to keep his mind off the one man he cannot have. He has loved Arthur for more than a decade but Arthur has been 'involved'. Now Arthur is coming to visit and Leopold has only a few days to convince him that he can be everything Arthur needs. It won't be easy. Arthur works hard in his thriving law practice. He is very discreet and Leopold's reputation for drink and sex is well-known. Over the course of the weekend, Leopold intends to show Arthur just how much he loves him.

It amazes me that a story filled with such copious amounts of sex can still be a sweet romance. Both Leopold and Arthur are touching characters, each for their own reasons. Arthur is so afraid of losing his reputation that he settles for a cold, passionless lover. Leopold, despite his decade of drink and boundless sex, seems almost innocent. He loves Arthur so much but doesn't really know how to show it. His attempts are clumsy but endearing. There's almost as much angst as there is steamy, hot sex in this story. I really got caught up in the emotions that seemed to overwhelm both men. I love the way the author moves between Arthur's and Leopold's perspectives. It works really well for this story. Knowing what the men are thinking softens their flaws and makes them so likable and vulnerable. There's also a nice historical feel that encompasses the entire story. All in all this a very enjoyable read that will leave you wanting more.

Book Blurb for Convincing Arthur

Mr. Leopold Thornton missed his chance ten years ago. He isn't about to let this one pass him by.

Given Leopold's reputation for vice and debauchery, Mr. Arthur Barrington has a fair idea why the sinfully beautiful man invites him to his country estate. A shooting excursion? Unlikely. Especially considering Arthur is the only guest invited to the estate. He shouldn't consider the invitation, but a few days of mind-blowing sex could be just the thing to help him get over the heartbreaking end of a ten-year relationship. Then he can return to London to his thriving law practice, and quietly search for an amiable man who understands the meaning of the word discreet and who recognizes the value of commitment.

There was a time when Leopold wasn't such a rakehell. When every night didn't end with an empty bottle of whisky. When he believed in the rewards of patience. When he didn't give himself over to just anyone who'd have him. Old habits die hard, especially when tempted by six feet of solid muscle, but Leopold will only have a few days to convince Arthur he can be the man he's looking for -- that his love is genuine and he's worthy of Arthur's heart.

Publisher’s Note: this book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, male/male sexual practices.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00