Codename Spring

Undercover Embassy, Book Three

Codename Spring is the third in the Undercover Embassy series. Like the previous two, this one brings intrigue, danger and very hot sex together to create a sizzling, exciting sci-fi romance. Jocelyn is a great character and her innocence and sensuality is wonderful. Her chemistry with Evard is scorching and their connection is so strong. The sex scenes are incredible. The resistance is growing and I really appreciated learning more about the Gathosians. All the pieces seem to be coming together and I can't wait for the next installment. I highly recommend starting with first book, Codename Autumn and reading this series in order. It's a great one!

Jocelyn wanted to play a bigger part in the resistance after helping Winter with her assignment. When the opportunity arises, she goes undercover as Spring, a pleasure ambassador. But Jocelyn is a surgeon not a courtesan. Her target holds the key to the drug used to enslave the captives of the Gathosians. Evard Keenan has been forced not only to work for the Gathosians, but also host one. Inwatta is capable of taking control of his mind so escape is almost impossible. When the ambassador he requested arrives, Evard realizes that she's part of the resistance. He has crucial information to give them but he will need to create a bond with Spring in order to do so - a mating bond.

Book Blurb for Codename Spring

After the Gathosian takeover of Earth, Spring is one of the few remaining doctors tending to the survivors. But she has a secret role--spy for the Resistance, disguised as a pleasure "ambassador". She's heard the legends of Evard Keenan, the alien chemist who supposedly discovered a way to break the aliens' control.

When Evard sends for an ambassador, Spring knows it's her only opportunity to recruit him. She anticipates the mission's danger, yet she's unprepared for the passion that ignites with their first kiss. Never before has she so ached for another. She'll complete her assignment at any cost. But how will she find the strength to walk away?

Evard is every bit as captive to the ruthless Gathosians as the people of Earth. He knows the Resistance is his only hope of escaping and he's just as sure Spring is part of the Resistance. But to communicate his needs he must create a telepathic bond with Spring, both of lust and intimacy. Beyond desire, he needs her trust. (Book Length: Novella)

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50