Cloak and Dagger

Weapons of Redemption, #3

Cloak and Dagger is the third in the Weapons of Redemption series and is Bryce's story. I have really enjoyed this series. The individual book are short enough to read in one sitting, yet each gives us completed story and a start to the next. Bryce and Shane have such strong chemistry despite the fact that they are enemies. Shane's connection to Bryce's old lover remains unclear but Bryce comes to see the true man that is Shane. Of course there's hot sex and a lot of angst, but that's why I read this stuff. Really can't wait to get the next in the series.

Bryce Tarunson lost not only his humanity when Tarun turned but also his lover. Centuries later, he finds a man who could be him but isn't. Shane's brother is being held by Tarun and his fate rests with Shane. Shane is a vampire hunter but he will do whatever it takes to save his brother, even seduce a vampire. Things don't go as plan and Shane finds himself a very willing participant in the seduction. He and Bryce will be tested as the enemy closes in.

Book Blurb for Cloak and Dagger

Will the love between hunter and prey destroy them both?

When police detective Bryce Tarunson arrests a man who's identical to his lover from two thousand years ago, he's pulled closer to the vampiric master he hates.

Vampire hunter Shane will do anything -- including tempt a vampire -- to rescue his brother, who has fallen into enemy hands. He doesn't believe he's capable of falling for the object of his seduction, until he meets Bryce.

The bond between Bryce and Shane forces them into a battle that might end in the destruction of the Weapons of Redemption.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 4.00