Bride Games

An Alien's Bride Story

Bride Games is an exciting and surprisingly thoughtful story set in the same world as Alien Bride. This is good solid scifi complete with strange cultures and evil aliens. Lenora is a survivor who refuses to accept life as it is now. She is forced into the Bride Games because of her behavior. Unless she wins the game, Lenora will become the unwilling wife of one the aliens she hates so much. Viceroy Lysanter is appalled by the treatment of human women by his people and finds the games offensive. However, after seeing Lenora, he's determined to convince her that not all of his people are cruel. They are both strong characters and their chemistry is clear from the start. This is a very hot and sexy story but the characters are never overshadowed by the sex. The games themselves are tense and exciting. Vivian is incredible supporting character and gives a sweetness to story. I would highly recommend reading Alien Bride first. It really set the stage for this engaging and intriguing story.

Earth has been virtually destroyed by an alien race seeking females. Lenora is forced into a slave colony where she hears about the treatment of human wives by the aliens. As an ex-soldier, Lenora is determined to escape. Her behavior lands her in the Bride Games and only winning will save her. Alien Viceroy Lysanter wants no part of the the offensive games and understands the human's fear of his kind. But when he is offered a chance with Lenora, he can't deny the attraction. He will do what's need to persuade her to give up her chance at freedom.

Book Blurb for Bride Games

Ex-soldier Lenora is determined to escape an alien slave colony no matter what the cost. Her disobedience angers her male alien overseers, who are trying to breed humans so they can intermarry with them. Lenora, and willful women like her, are sent to the Bride Games. If they win they will be granted their freedom. If they lose they must accept marriage to an alien nobleman.

Alien Viceroy Lysanter wants no part of these hideous games. Their lack of females caused them to wage a brutal war with Earth that ended horribly for both races. He knows the humans despise his kind, and that females are particularly fearful. When the games organizer offers him a slave named Lenora as a bride he’s initially repulsed by the idea. Then he realizes that her military programming has left her with an irrational fear of his kind that causes her to take dangerous risks. Lenora has suffered in her desperation to escape them.

Perhaps, if he can convince her to accept him, he can give her a better life?

Lysanter becomes determined to court Lenora throughout the games with the goal of persuading her to forfeit.

A riveting erotic one-shot novella by the author of Alien’s Bride!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2014 5.00