Breaking the Cowboy

Nick Bowden just disappeared twelve years ago with no explanation. Mason Kane only knew that the young man he loved, had abandoned him. Leslie Morgan knew the truth. The three had been friends all their lives. Leslie had secretly loved both boys but realized that they loved each other and would never intrude. Now, Nick is back and wants to tell Mason the truth about why he left. Can the two men find their way back to each other and what's up with the new feelings they both have for Leslie?

This is nice, enjoyable m‚nage story. The characters are likeable, especially Leslie. The plot is a bit unrealistic but still interesting. There are emotional and touching love scenes as the men explore their feelings for Leslie and each other. Secondary characters add layers to the story. Nick's interactions with his homophobic father are intense. I do love S.K. Yule's writing, and although I don't think this is one of her best, it's still a good, solid read.

Book Blurb for Breaking the Cowboy

Mason Kane never expected to see his best friend, Nick Bowden, again after he abandoned their new found love twelve years earlier. While Mason can’t deny he still has feelings for Nick, he is worried his heart will get broken again.

Leslie Morgan, Mason’s long-time friend, knows the true reason Nick was driven away all those years ago and thinks Mason should give him another chance. While Mason tries to work through his anger and forgive Nick, he’s amazed to find he’s fallen in love with Leslie. Can Mason, Nick, and Leslie find a way to be friends…and lovers?

Warning: Two sexy cowboys + one stunning cowgirl = one hot read that will make your blood pressure soar and your body temperature skyrocket. Prepare to go on one intense, mind blowing, fever-inducing ride. M/M sexual situations.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2011 3.50