Blind Confession

The Blind Series, #4

Violetta Rand reunites us with old friends in this installment of her Blind series. Marteinn is emotionally scarred by the perceived betrayal of his first love and Mercia just wants to belong somewhere. Together they lead each other on a merry chase. Blind Confession is a sexy, clever read that brings two lonely people together in spite of themselves. While it's not necessary to read the earlier books, I would highly recommend them. They'll add a richness to this shorter story.

Marteinn competes in the summer games so that he can leave the place that reminds him of his loss. His wish is granted, but not quite the way he envisioned. Mercia has intrigued him from the first, however, no woman would ever own heart again. Luckily, Mercia wants what her her heart wants and that's Marteinn.

Book Blurb for Blind Confession

A heart closed to love ...

Abandoned by the woman he loved, Captain Marteinn wants to escape his misery by winning the summer games in Lagenheim. The champion is entitled to ask one favor from the jarl and he’s prepared to request his freedom.

A woman desperate for passion ...

Taken to Scandinavia after the Normans invaded England, Mercia works hard to prove her loyalty to the Vikings. Despite multiple offers of marriage, she fears she’ll never find true love. Until she meets a brooding warrior, who ignites a hidden passion she can’t ignore.

Stands Alone: Yes

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2015 4.50