Beloved Captor

Desdaine has strong feelings for fighter pilot Jess Laren but they're on opposite sides of the war. Desdaine is an intelligence agent and when Jess is shot down, Desdaine's loyalty is tested by his superiors in a horrifying fashion. Afterwards, Jess is given to Desdaine to use as he sees fit. Jess needs to escape his comfortable prison and will do whatever is necessary to that end. Unfortunately, both men are drawn to each other. In the midst of war, two enemies must come to grips with their smoldering attraction yet stay true to themselves.

I found this story to be almost completely character driven. Desdaine and Jess are men of integrity who find themselves in a very difficult situation. Desdaine's test of loyalty is raw and intense. The author does a wonderful job of delving into the complex feelings of both men. The conflict in this book is really between each man and himself. Neither wishes become a traitor to his world even as the feelings build. The dialogue is well written and entertaining. There are touching and emotional scenes as well as sensual sexual encounters, but it's the interaction between the characters and their respective soul searching that stands out to me. If you like a lot of angst with your love story, then I recommend giving this one a try.

Book Blurb for Beloved Captor

Desdaine has fallen hard for space fighter ace, Jess Laren. The trouble is, Laren is a hero on the wrong side of the interplanetary war.

As a senior intelligence officer in the Ilzec Empire, Desdaine thinks his attraction to other men is his own secret. But when Laren is shot down in Ilzec airspace and found guilty of spying, Desdaine receives orders to carry out the execution. Desdaine didn’t think his outlawed desire was obvious, but apparently someone sees through him, and wants to know where Desdaine’s loyalty truly lies. Shamed and furious, Desdaine makes the only choice he can…

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.25