Beautiful Bounty

Beautiful Bounty is a short, sexy and touching story. It is surprisingly sweet, considering that the heroine is a whore and the hero a bounty hunter. Kitty knew what she was and was comfortable with it. Then she met the preacher who changed her life. Only he wasn't a preacher. The story pretty much starts as Conagher comes back to claim Kitty. The sexual tension is high as is the anger and doubt. The resulting 'courtship' is emotional, sensual and very, very spanking hot. I especially liked how concerned Kitty was about her past and its effect on Conagher. He seemed to understand her fears and dealt with them when necessary. I easily finished this in one sitting. This is a great beach read and very entertaining.

Kitty was getting by after almost dying from an infection and finding out that the preacher she was close too was not who he said he was. After he abandons her, Kitty moves in with friends and tries to go on. Conagher wasn't sure of the reception he'd receive when he returns to Kitty. But he loves her and wants her as his wife. He knows he has a fight ahead of him and he'll do whatever takes to win her back. Can a whore and bounty hunter find the path to lasting love?

Book Blurb for Beautiful Bounty

Kitty fell in love with a preacher man, or so she’d thought. Finding out the man she had a scorching relationship with was really a bounty hunter hurts. When he hightailed it out of town, Kitty couldn’t really blame him. She’s a bought-and-paid-for whore, not exactly marriageable material in the wild West.

Conagher knows he has to work to win Kitty back. Hardheaded as they come, his woman wants nothing to do with him. If it comes down to tying her up in order to get her to listen, he’ll do just that—and a lot more. This bounty hunter will get his woman, in every erotic way imaginable.

A Romantica® western erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2014 4.00