Angels, Demons and Doms

A Pricked Title

Hot sex, humor and charming characters await the reader in Angels, Demons and Doms. It's a delightful mix of sensuality and sweetness. I loved Lexie and Sam. They were real. They made mistakes. The authors have allowed us to see this journey from both sides and it makes for an even better story. The sex scenes pull you in. They're very erotic and laced with emotion. I'm not a big fan of phone sex scenes but this book may just change my mind. If all of this is not enough, Sam's friends push the story over the top. There's one scene that had me laughing until tears were streaming down my face. I do hope these guys will get own their stories. I highly recommend this entertaining read.

Lexie has a secret need to be dominated. She's never pursued it until a secret admirer entices her. When things move too fast for her, she returns to her vanilla life. She eventually finds love with Sam, a man she met over coffee. But Sam harbors a secret that could push her away forever.

Book Blurb for Angels, Demons and Doms

When a D/s virgin with an angel tattoo decides to gatecrash a BDSM party, she gets more than she bargained for. Lexi meets four masked Doms with devilish tattoos who give her pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. But when the scene is interrupted, she flees the club.

“Master Demon” Sam refuses to give up on his angel. He puts away his mask and decides to prove that he can be the perfect vanilla boyfriend. But how long can Sam hide his true nature? Will vanilla be enough for Lexi, now that she’s explored her deepest desires? And when Lexi finds out she’s been deceived, there’s going to be hell to pay!

Reader Advisory: Lexi’s erotic adventures include spanking, m/m/m/f play, voyeurism, smoking-hot phone sex and the creative use of nipple clamps. Book Length: Novella

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2012 4.50