Alien's Bride Book Three

Alien Bride 3 wrapped up a fascinating and sexy scifi trilogy. I thoroughly enjoyed this conclusion and was very impressed with author's resolution to Maritza's dilemma. There were no black and white answers and I like the honesty of that.

Elentinus is complex character and his people are totally alien. This is what makes good scifi. Maritza and Elentinus develop a strong bond and have fantastic chemistry. That is what makes good romance. Add scorching sex and you have all the elements for a great erotic read. I would love to see more stories set in this world. I will certainly be reading more by this author.


Maritza is faced with an impossible decision. She would have to betray the husband she has come to love if she is to help a woman escape an abusive alien. Her choices become even more difficult as she learns more about Elentinus and his role in Earth's demise.

Book Blurb for Alien's Bride Book Three

Kind-hearted Maritza was kidnapped and transported 2,000 years into the future to be the bride for one of the aliens who conquered Earth. After a difficult adjustment, Maritza has come to care for her husband, Lord Elentinus. The last thing she needs is for a troubled alien/human couple to visit. Inga, bride to the cruel Lord Nayjoor, begs Maritza to help her escape. Now Maritza must make a choice: betray her husband, or betray her people?

The FINAL installment of the riveting three-part erotic series!

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2014 5.00