Alien's Bride Book One

Alien's Bride has all the makings of great erotic Sci-fi and it's no secret that this is my favorite genre. The author sets about to tell an epic story. Unfortunately, it's not clear from the blurb that it's a serial type story. Under normal circumstances, I would not begin that type of story. I read series but I want some type of closure. That said, the story is creative, unique and very engaging. I wanted to know everything. The characters are fascinating and the plot is very different. There's nicely written sex scenes and it's clear that there's more hot sex to come. I just wanted the story to go on and on. If you like cliffhangers and a strange alien culture, this one's for you.


One moment Maritza is in her own bedroom and the next she is centuries in the future and being prepared to wed an alien who needs a human woman to procreate. Earth has been decimated and conquered by this strange race and humans have agreed to provide breeders.

Book Blurb for Alien's Bride Book One

Kind-hearted Maritza is transported thousands of years into the future to be a bride for one of the malevolent aliens who has conquered earth. A sci-fi romance adventure for adults only!

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2013 4.00