A Promise for her Love

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A Promise for her Love

This was a short but touching story. Caylie and Rick are good together. Caylie's fears about their relationship are realistic and I think she expresses herself well. Rick's a good guy and deeply in love. The story flows nicely and I really felt the turmoil and emotions that played out. This is a sweet and engaging read.

Rick and Caylie are going to spend Christmas together at Rick's house. What should be a celebration becomes a trial as Caylie faces the differences between her and Rick's lifestyles. A necessary prenup may be the last straw.

Book Blurb for A Promise for her Love

Christmas is supposed to be the most joyful time of year. Instead, Caylie Abrahams finds herself consumed by doubts and misgivings as her wedding date to Rick Marshall approaches. From two different walks of life, Caylie fears Rick's family, and his money, will be too much to handle. Matters don’t improve much when Rick is forced to give her a prenuptial agreement.

Knowing the marriage contract may be the last straw for Caylie, Rick has to find a way to show his bride-to-be the agreement doesn’t mean their marriage is doomed. Not only does he need to make sure her worries are addressed, but the pressure of keeping his hands to himself until their wedding night is proving more difficult than he anticipated.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2013 4.00