The Fairest Beauty

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The Fairest Beauty

The Fairest Beauty is a mash-up of "Snow White and the Huntsman" meets TV series "Once Upon a Time", and I loved every page of it. It featured a villainous queen, dark magic, and a brilliant romance. I loved her twist on the "seven", not seven dwarfs, but seven men with odd qualities. My only qualm was that for a Snow White retelling, one of Snow White's most endearing qualities is her ability to have all types of wildlife sense her sweet nature and come to her, we never really see that side of Sophie.

I wanted birds singing and deer making kissy faces, but this was a minor flaw in an otherwise great storyline.

Of course, anyone familiar with the story of Snow White will know the ending, but the ride was just as sweet and fun as it would have been had I not known.

Book Blurb for The Fairest Beauty

A daring rescue. A difficult choice. Sophie desperately wants to get away from her stepmother's jealousy, and believes escape is her only chance to be happy. Then a young man named Gabe arrives from Hagenheim Castle, claiming she is betrothed to his older brother, and everything twists upside down. This could be Sophie's one chance at freedom---but can she trust another person to keep her safe? Gabe defied his parents Rose and Wilhelm by going to find Sophie, and now he believes they had a right to worry: the girl's inner and outer beauty has enchanted him. Though romance is impossible---she is his brother's future wife, and Gabe himself is betrothed to someone else---he promises himself he will see the mission through, no matter what. When the pair flee to the Cottage of the Seven, they find help---but also find their feelings for each other have grown. Now both must not only protect each other from the dangers around them---they must also protect their hearts.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 4.00