The Charmers

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The Charmers

"The Charmers" proved to be a real letdown for me. The shuffling point of view can be an excellent device when setting the tone for a mystery novel such as this one, but it jumped around erratically with little direction. The villa has a beautifully tragic history, and unfortunately I was more attached to it than our main characters. It lacked overall direction and I couldn't find anyone to relate to. I only made it about halfway before giving up.

Book Blurb for The Charmers

When Mirabella Matthews’ Aunt Jolly dies unexpectedly and under mysterious circumstances Mirabella suddenly finds herself the new owner of a villa in the South of France. But with the inheritance come unexpected mysteries…and dangers.

On her way to the villa, Mirabella is run off the road by a motorcycle, and that’s only just the beginning. It turns out that Aunt Jolly had a past, and as the various men who were a part of it show up Mirabella must find out who can be trusted and who is using charm to mask the face of a murderer.

Told with Elizabeth Adler’s signature attention to detail, strong female characters, and luxurious setting, The Charmers is a page-turner of a novel that will keep you riveted up until the very last page.

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2016 2.50