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Darkborn Legacy, #1

This is the first book I've ever received for review that I couldn't make it all the way through. I made it to about page 200, and I feel that's a fair enough length to get a handle on the premise. For a beautiful cover, the storyline is mediocre.

The character development is virtually non-existent, and the characters I were remotely interested in were quite vapid and frankly, a little racist towards Native Americans. Griffo's characters are overly stereotypical with somewhat ridiculous names for a backwater Nebraska setting. I'm not nitpicky or remotely strict about political correctness, but Moonglow crossed a few lines.

It feels like Michael Griffo missed the paranormal bandwagon.

Book Blurb for Moonglow

When Mason Robineau was just sixteen, he made a terrible mistake - and earned his first-born an unthinkable curse. With her sixteenth birthday approaching, Dominy Robineau can't help noticing that she's changing - and it's not just hormones. Suddenly she's consumed with anger and aggression, and physically she's growing stronger, more muscular. When her best friend, Jess, is murdered, a devastated Dominy sets out to find Jess' killer. But the truth is worse than she could have imagined, and soon Dominy and her friends must find a way to help her reverse the curse and live a normal life - before someone else dies...

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 2.50