L World

L World follows new divorcee Blake as she find love in the most unexpected place and with the most unexpected of partners; a hair salon and a hairdresser. I must admit, I was hesitant to read L World because of the obviously similar title to the hit lesbian tv series, The L Word, about Los Angeles lesbians. Although there is no affiliation, I wondered how one could live up to the expectations already set in mind: sexy, realistic, and zany all at once. Let's face it, gay life is interesting to say the least. I was hoping L World wouldn't read as fan fiction. It seemed to confirm my worst fears for the first fifty pages. The lovely lady couples were stereotypical femme lesbians, and the characters seemed to be minor variations of characters from the show.

However, something happened in the second half. The characters grew into their own skins, and even though Blake is the primary narrator for the story, we were given background to other characters and scenes Blake herself wasn’t involved in. Characters other than Blake were given third person narratives, showing that one relationship impacts the lives of more than just the two involved in said relationship. It went from being one dimensional about confused Blake to three dimensional with the androgynous coffee shop owner Dom and Blake’s flame Janie. Especially Janie, with her vanilla infused scent and captivatingly white grin. The non-central characters and minor characters are really what made L World special. The story took on a whole new light and every scene makeup so much more visual and stimulating. There quite a few unexpected exciting scenes as well, including one of violence and others of betrayal. Not to mention the incredibly sensual sex.

I was so very pleasantly surprised with The L World, and commend it for exemplifying the many complexities of female relationships.

Book Blurb for L World

Blake Sanders, a partner at a top Manhattan law firm and newly minted divorcee, is shocked to find herself lusting after her sexy female hairstylist. But when her trendy tufts are not at all what she imagined, Blake’s fiery temper takes over and she stiffs the hottie who fashioned them.

After her new look causes a splash at work, Blake has a change of heart and returns to the salon with a generous tip for Janie, the sexy stylist, only to find her cozying up with another woman on her way out. Intrigued, she follows the pair downtown to a Greenwich Village bar called “L World”.

When Blake discovers that her fantasy girl is an out and proud gay chick, her attraction to Janie becomes very real. She pursues her, setting in motion a torrid affair that turns both women's lives upside down, and leaving a trail of damage behind!

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2012 4.00