Apollo's Outcasts

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Apollo's Outcasts

Since childhood I've always been fascinated by the moon and space travel. Apollo's Outcasts struck that childlike chord within me and filled me with wonder and intrigue. The idea that crippled Jamie can fulfill his dreams of being like everyone else while only on the moon in zero gravity is an aspect of the story not to be taken lightly. The idea of teenagers on the moon seemed too good to be true as I've read other books about similar topics and they always disappointed, but not Apollo's Outcasts. I'd recommend it for anyone who loves space travel, political stories, or has a love for science fiction in general.

Since being born on the moon and thus crippled since infancy on Earth, Jamie has never quite felt like the others. He's always felt like he was destined for more. After his father sends him back to the moon along with five other teenagers to escape a political upheaval that has arisen in the United States, Jamie is forced to find a new way of living and gains the ability to walk. Not everyone on the moon is to be trusted however, and Jamie must circumnavigate his new life, his future, and the future of the Earth while dodging dangers around every moon rock.

Book Blurb for Apollo's Outcasts

Jamey Barlowe has been crippled since childhood, the result of being born on the Moon. He lives his life in a wheelchair, only truly free when he is in the water. But then Jamey’s father sends him, along with five other kids, back to the Moon to escape a political coup d’etat that has occurred overnight in the United States. Moreover, one of the other five refugees is more than she appears.

Their destination is the mining colony, Apollo. Jamey will have to learn a whole new way to live, one that entails walking for the first time in his life. It won’t be easy and it won’t be safe. But Jamey is determined to make it as a member of Lunar Search and Rescue, also known as the Rangers. This job is always risky but could be even more dangerous if the new US president makes good on her threat to launch a military invasion. Soon Jamey is front and center in a political and military struggle stretching from the Earth to the Moon.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2012 3.50