A Bar Tender Tale

A Bar Tender Tale follows newly single gay twenty-something Nathan. Nathan’s elusive ex-boyfriend Danny has just left him high and dry, again, and Nathan’s fed up. The exact same day he swears off Danny, he meets Auryn. Auryn is thirty one years old, and a zombie nerd just like Nathan. Auryn is a romantic, while Nathan is more concerned with the sexual nature of their relationship. Problems arise when the two begin to intertwine their very different lives.

Most male/male stories I’ve read are all about hard and fast sex. A Bar Tender Tale surprised me very much, as there was an actual storyline behind it, and a sweet one at that. Nathan is as naïve as Auryn is professional, yet they are both so endearing. Auryn is shy, while Nathan is outgoing. They are so unlike each other, except for their interests in B grade horror and zombie films. The film and comic information peppered throughout the story was an entertaining touch and only further enhance the story.

Nathan is our main character, and he is incredibly realistic. Nothing bothers me more than characters that don’t worry about putting on enough deodorant, or what time they have to work. For being so short, the story only barely reaches 160 pages, the storyline makes a surprisingly fulfilling arc, and it was a satisfyingly sweet story.

Book Blurb for A Bar Tender Tale

Twenty-two-year-old barman Nathan is always the odd one out. It's tough to get a date when his love of loud music, tattoos, and zombie paraphernalia usually sends potential candidates running for the hills. Trying to find anyone who wants to spend time with him, let alone stay in and watch trashy horror movies, has always been a problem.

Then, on his day off, Nathan does a friend a favor by covering a shift at a pub, and in walks a handsome stranger who shares his love of horror. It could be a match made in B-movie heaven, and Nathan is determined to pursue this new acquaintance, but—zombies aside—has Nathan got the guts to go on a real date?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 4.00