Irish Kisses

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Irish Kisses

Cupid's Conquests

I enjoyed reading Irish Kisses. Ella Grey told a wonderful love story. Her characters, Abby and Seth, come from the same city and never bumped into each other. Then they end up on the same flight to Dublin, Ireland. Abby is trying desperately to locate a witness that is willing to testify against a mob boss. She is also trying to avenge her best friend’s murder. When the murderer attempts to kill Abby to Seth comes to her rescue. They go through a few more trials but it all works out in the end with an ending that is to die for.

I would have liked for the story to be a little longer. There are a few things I would like to have known more about each character like why did the god of love, Eros, cut both of them? What part did the character Serendipity play in getting these two together? Over all it was a great love story. This is a book that I will keep on my shelf just to read when I need a good cozy love story without all the erotic sex scenes. Not that this book doesn’t have some sex scenes, in it they are just not as erotic as some authors write. I’m more of a cuddle up person than an erotic, tie me down person. There was just enough sexiness for me. Great Job Ms. Grey.

Book Blurb for Irish Kisses

Abby Smith and Seth O’Connor might live in the same city but their paths have never crossed. It takes a murder to bring them together and fate to keep them there.

Abby has been thrown off the biggest case of the century because it suddenly got too personal. Her best friend and fellow lawyer Dawn Philips is brutally murdered and the witnesses are running scared. Then a man, saying that he was hired by Dawn before her murder, gives her a folder. There’s a witness, the only problem is she’s in Ireland.

Seth O’Connor never expected to meet a woman like Abby on the plane to the country of his birth. A passionate encounter between them leaves him wanting more. Then he ends up saving her life and realises that he can’t say goodbye to the beautiful redhead and he doesn’t want to either.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2012 4.00