Welcome to Texas

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Welcome to Texas

Kacey Newton moved to Texas to get away from the long harsh Minnesota winters. What she found was a stubborn redneck neighbor, an unintelligible language, and searing heat.

Police Chief Jack Boudreaux desires a sexy woman and a good steak - not always in that order. Disappointed by a recent short-lived relationship with a vegetarian, Jack longs for a woman with tastes similar to his own.

Several run-ins with a klutzy brunette give Jack the desire to try dating again. Will a pitcher of ice-cold margaritas and plateful of hot fajitas attract the newcomer or will the sight of beef cause her to flee?

Sally Farley brings a depth to her characters that allow the reader to become intrigued with this short story. Welcome to Texas is a fun romp that will bring a smile and a desire to know more about these engaging people.

Book Blurb for Welcome to Texas

After moving from Minnesota to Texas, Kacey Newton must adapt to the strangeness of The Lone Star State. To Kacey, the accents are undecipherable, the heat is unbearable, the neighbors are inconsiderate and the hunky police chief's uniform of choice is a tank top, baggy shorts and flip-flops.

The only thing Chief Jack Boudreaux likes as much as a sexy woman is steak. Thick, juicy steak. Now if he could just find a sexy woman who actually eats steak, and not just salad, he'd be in hog heaven. It's just a matter of time before Jack attempts to seduce Kacey with a pitcher of ice cold margaritas, some spicy, hot fajitas and his dazzling Texas charm.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 4.00