Waiting to Walz

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Waiting to Walz

Riana Walker finds herself in an unexpected situation: Her teenage son is staying with his dad for the summer, and an enthusiastic French chef is now her temporary housemate. As Jacques Chevalier prepares for his cousin's wedding, his fractured English and Riana's almost non-existent French, lead to laugh out loud moments throughout this engaging story.

Riana avoids relationships with men after enduring years of insults from her former husband who chided her about her doughy white bread-looking thighs. Her low self-esteem prevents swimming in her own pool or uncovering in any way if others are around. How is she going to handle a hot summer unable to wear shorts in her own house now that Jacques has arrived?

Waiting to Waltz is a wonderful, sensual romp released just in time for a quick summer read. Author Lainey Bancroft is sure to touch the heart of many women worldwide; generous-size women who try to hide under layers of clothes or behind closed doors when they would rather live with abandon.

Join Riana in her challenge as a food-lover desiring to lose weight, but out of friendship temporarily living with a French chef who loves to share his cuisine. And what will happen when the wedding is over and Jacques must return to France?

Book Blurb for Waiting to Walz

A man who lives to cook and a woman who loves to eat should be a magical match. Except Riana Walker's French is even worse than Jacques Chevalier's English. Besides, with a husband who left her because he claimed her thighs were doughy enough to sustain a Wonder Bread factory, she's sworn off rich food. Can the enthusiastic French chef woo the diet-addicted divorcee into dancing to a different drummer? Or when summer ends will Jacques return to France and leave Riana waiting to waltz?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50