Through a Glass Darkly

Roxanna Mitchell's life had finally come together. Her first real home, a beautiful Victorian filled with African artifacts, felt like a safe haven. Yes, life was going well - until the day everything turned dark.

When Roxanna awakes in a strange bed, everyone around her calls her Claire, insisting she is the mentally unstable wife of millionaire Henry Denby. Even a wedding album full of photos indicates she has been his wife for the past year. As she fights to prove things are not as they seem, Dr. William McCoy sees something in her eyes that causes him to believe she may be telling the truth. Unfortunately, the last time he believed a woman's story he lost his license to practice medicine. He has vowed not to make that mistake again.

As Roxanna stands firm in her belief that God Himself called her by name, and it was not Claire, she struggles to fight the evil forces surrounding her. Is it fate, or God, that causes Dr. McCoy to take a closer look at her circumstances? Still not convinced of the truth, unexpected events draw him into a tightly spun web of deception.

Watching Roxanna try to prove her identity rivets the reader to the tightly plotted tale. Because no one appears to be who they really are and few, if any, can be trusted, Roxanna finally comes close to giving up. Her only hope lies in her prayers and her belief in God. Will that be enough?

Anna Taylor has constructed a superb suspense story. From the first page to the last, Through a Glass Darkly grabs the reader's attention. Taylor writes with depth and feeling drawing one into a twisted tale where God appears to be the only one who knows the truth.

Book Blurb for Through a Glass Darkly

No one believes Roxanna Mitchell isn’t Claire Denby, a millionaire’s mentally unstable runaway wife. Dr. William McCoy, her only potential ally, certainly doesn’t—and doesn’t intend to. Playing good samaritan cost him his medical license and his faith. He refuses to step in now, especially when a wedding album full of photos shows she’s lying. Roxanna’s only defense? God called her by name when she gave her life to Christ. That name was Roxanna. No matter what those photos show, she insists she’s not Claire. William remains unconvinced, and Roxanna almost gives up… until events force them into an alliance that will lead either to the truth or to their deaths.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 5.00