The Long Way Home

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The Long Way Home

ShadowsForge 4

ShadowsForge 4: The Long Way Home is the fourth offering in Jena' Galifany's series about an English rock band and their adventures during a successful tour of the United States. Brian Cummings and the other members of ShadowsForge are beginning to grow weary from their extended tour. To add to the tension, Brian, drummer extraordinaire, is having vivid nightmares reliving past mistakes.

During his dreams, Brian often cries out a woman's name. Diane Starling is pregnant with Brian's baby. She believes he is seeing another woman, and decides to move out of his bed and share a room with a friend. Valerie Leonard, a journalist traveling with the band, unearths secrets to Brian's past that should remain buried. Her threats to disclose all puts the band and the remaining tour dates at risk, and threatens to destroy Brian and Diane's relationship forever. Can Brian get himself together in time to finish the tour and salvage his relationship with Diane, or is Valerie going to succeed in her quest to end Brian's career and bring him to justice.

ShadowsForge 4: The Long Way Home is an exciting stand-alone suspense story that is riveting to the very end. If this book is any indication, the reader should pick up the whole series.

Book Blurb for The Long Way Home

Brian Cummings has come a long way from Leicestershire, England. Miles of hard road lay between then and now—hard road he’s kept hidden—until the nightmares begin again. Diane Starling loves Brian. If she were not carrying his child, she’d still do anything to make him happy—even letting him go to someone else. Who is the woman in his nightly dreams? Why does she make him scream? Valerie Leonard, journalist, dredges up history that should remain buried; history that could ruin Brian and hurt the people he loves most. Should Val keep his dangerous past to herself? Doesn’t Diane have the right to know the truth about the father of her child? Brian and Diane fight to overcome the past, embrace the present, and build a future as they travel with ShadowsForge on “THE LONG WAY HOME.”

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 4.50