The Keeper's Promise

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The Keeper's Promise

Trooper Bryce Johnson of Shucker's Point, New Jersey, has quite a problem on his hands. He must investigate the disappearance of well-known research scientist Jack St. Marie. Unfortunately, his chief suspect is Jack's wife Evie, the woman Bryce once loved and wanted to marry. Their relationship fell apart when he saw her commit a crime during the last days of high school. Because he planned to be a trooper, he knew he could never marry a criminal.

As the current evidence piles up against her, Evie is reeling from the shock of losing her husband, and disappointed that Bryce doesn't trust her. Suddenly, Evie becomes the target and Bryce must protect her, and his heart.

The Keeper's Promise will appeal to anyone who appreciates a true mystery. The pace and plot are superb, and the suspense builds to a satisfying final reveal.

Award winning author Penelope Marzec has done it again. The Keeper's Promise grabs the readers attention from the very first and never lets go. This inspirational romantic suspense story has it all. Pick it up as soon as possible for one wonderful ride.

Book Blurb for The Keeper's Promise

Evie St. Marie, wife of Jack and mother of four-year-old Glynis, is a new Christian. Few suspect she is also an abused wife. As the park ranger of Slater's Lighthouse near Shucker's Point, New Jersey, she lives in the keeper's cottage. After she and her husband, a well-know research scientist argue, he disappears.

When a fishing boat twenty miles offshore hauls up her husband's body Trooper Bryce Johnson arrests Evie. Trooper Johnson loved Evie since second grade. He wanted to marry her in high school, but after he caught her phoning in a bogus bomb scare, he changed his mind and broke her heart. Only two months before her husband's disappearance, he found her aiming a gun at her husband and so Bryce believes the worst.

Though she insists she is innocent, Bryce knows she has everything to gain from her husband's death--and Bryce must not allow his heart to influence the investigation. He finds he still has feelings for Evie--and that's not good.

When someone fires several shots at Evie, he does not let her forget that she remains the main suspect in her husband's murder, but he cannot stop worrying about her safety. Is she in grave danger? Or does she have an accomplice? Or could it be that the most beautiful woman in Shucker's Point has stolen his heart once more?

After the park boat disappears, the teenager who helps Evie at the lighthouse is brutally attacked, and the cottage is ransacked for a set of keys Bryce feels bound to protect Evie. When her daughter starts talking about a Shark Man who threatened to kill her father, Evie fears her daughter is making up a wild story, but Bryce takes the daughter's tales into consideration. Can he find out who the Shark Man is before it is too late?

And will Evie take a chance and trust the man who spurned her so long ago?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2008 5.00