The Dancer

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The Dancer

Bob only dated Maddie because his mother was afraid her friends would think her mid-thirties son was gay. Madelaine, "Don't call me Maddie", was a snob. Bob had not liked her in high school and decided he probably never would.

Bob knew someday the right woman would come along, but to keep his mother off his back and for the sake of appearance, he stayed in the uncomfortable alliance. Wanting their relationship to end, but not able to take that step himself, he invited Maddie to a street fair knowing it was not her style. The date reinforced their differences and led to a fractured afternoon with Maddie stomping off in a huff.

Suddenly a woman, oblivious to those around her, floats out of the crowd dancing to the beat of the drums and kazoos. It is Katharine the Brain from high school. Enthralled by the change in her appearance from high school nerd to free spirit, Bob takes the opportunity to introduce himself. As they begin to renew old acquaintance, will their disparate lives once again foil his desire for a relationship?

Avis A. Townsend has written a short story revealing the lengths some people will go to please family and society, and how one man attempts to break away from the constraints placed upon him. Given the narrow parameters of the genre, the characters are well defined and authentic, and Townsend delivers an enjoyable read.

Book Blurb for The Dancer

Bob has resigned himself to being alone. He's 36, and his parents want to see him settle down before he's too set in his ways, but the women he's been dating leave him feeling empty inside. Then he meets the dancer.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 3.00