Tainted Hero

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Tainted Hero

At times, the rules of a flawed legal system can conflict with the moral fabric of society. Eric Emerson trained as an Army Ranger to survive under the most severe conditions to protect his country from harm. His combat training turned him into a ruthless defender of all that is decent often resulting in decisions few would understand. His courage and strength in battle earned him the loyalty of comrades as it shattered his marriage and family.

Assigned to a secret Pentagon study, Eric and Samantha Cassidy, longtime friend and coworker, acknowledge their growing feelings for one another. As horrific facts of the study begin to surface, Eric's deep sense of honor and desire to right the wrongs of a failed system send him into a frightening soul-searching moral crisis. With Sam by his side, the growing conflict within Eric comes to a head when not only their lives are at stake, but also the future survival of humankind.

The tension in Michael Davis' thriller, Tainted Hero, builds to a stunning conclusion. Most likely, the reader will rethink his or her own notion of right and wrong. This book is a winner.

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Book Blurb for Tainted Hero

As a decorated Army Ranger, Eric Emerson is honor bound to defend the helpless, and trained to survive against a ruthless enemy, yet these skills were useless to protect his family from a faulted legal system. Riddled with guilt, he’s torn between his combat training and the rules governing society. The conflict shatters his marriage, his job, and his sanity, until Samantha Cassidy saves him from his anguish. Together, they unravel clues about a secretive Pentagon study and become targets from those determined to hide the truth. Sam and Eric share their secret past and disclose their feelings for each other. With Sam’s help, Eric is able to vanquish the turmoil of his past, until he confronts Senator Robertson, sponsor of the Osiris study. The revelation about Osiris demand a horrific choice: ignore what they’ve found or become the seed that effects mankind’s survival.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00