Serenade the Moon

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Serenade the Moon

In Serenade the Moon, Jade Novak shares her life with her father and her son, Nicholas. By day she is a gypsy fortuneteller and by night a beautiful chanteuse. Danny O'Brien, a magazine editor, is engaged to the bosses' daughter for good reason, and it is not love.

As Jade and Danny begin to build an improbable friendship, they both prepare for their upcoming marriages, to their respective fianc‚'s.

Jocelyn Saint James has penned a touching romance, which takes a poignant look at culture, tradition, and greed. Few characters in this story come across untainted by ulterior motives, but in the process of trying to stay within the rigid parameters of their culture and past experiences, the inevitable clashes cause walls to begin to unravel and reason and sanity begin to take shape in their lives.

Serenade the Moon is an interesting story of how intense the struggle can be when trying to get out of a wrong relationship. People are not always able to get free, even when they know the truth.

Book Blurb for Serenade the Moon

Jade Novak, a beautiful gypsy fortuneteller, is longing to escape the burden of her past indiscretions and flee from an arranged marriage.

Danny O'Brien, a magazine editor, is torn between his career and a doomed engagement.

Destiny brought them together, but are they strong enough to battle tradition, family, and greed?

A moonlight serenade holds the answer.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 3.50