Replacing Barnie

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Replacing Barnie

Replacing Barnie, written as a prequel to Patrice Wilton’s Desperately Seeking Susie, brings all the gals together in an honest portrayal of attraction, distrust and love.
Lydia O’Reilly was a highly sought after divorce lawyer working hard for a shot at partnership in a prestigious law firm top heavy with men. A strong advocate for women in the throes of divorce, Lydia has worked hard to earn her tough-as-nails reputation.
Desperate to replace Barnie, she ended up with the last thing she needed, a one-night stand. Hadn’t she had enough bad experiences with men? Apparently not. Lydia went ballistic when she found Jed’s wedding ring the next morning. One more cad to add to her growing list.
Ms. Wilton once again brings together her delightful cast of characters from The Candy Bar, women with real life strengths and flaws. There’s never a dull moment around these gals as their true to life escapades sometimes bring to mind stories of our own.
Deftly written, Replacing Barnie provides a fascinating romantic romp, well paced and poignant, perfect for a summer read. With the regulars hanging out at the bar, we look forward to the possibility of reading more of her delightful stories about these pals who have captured our heart.

Book Blurb for Replacing Barnie

I’d been sleeping with Barnie for more than a year, off and on. He wasn’t much for talking, but so what? He was reliable, faithful, and good in bed. I knew exactly where he was most of the time; he didn’t look at my girlfriends, didn’t have a mother, never argued, didn’t expect me to cook and clean, and performed at my command. What more could a girl ask?
More importantly, I was sure he’d never hurt me, and perhaps that was why I chose to spend my nights with him. But I learned the hard way; nothing is ever perfect. The damn thing malfunctioned, went into overdrive and I could barely sit down for a week. Cheap Asian product - I bought it through e-Bay too.
There you have it. It was fun while it lasted, but as in any good relationship that sadly ends, it takes awhile to move on. I’m proud to say that I have done so. Yes, I replaced my old toy Barnie, and now I have something warm and wonderful beside me in bed. This required a great deal of courage and lack of negativity on my part. I had to learn to trust, and to open my heart, and not to be afraid. And it’s still a whole lot scary.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 5.00