Meet Your Mate

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Meet Your Mate

Available In Print March 2008

Brielle Chapman works undercover as needed for her uncle's agency. She balks when he talks her into becoming a contestant on a reality television show called, "Meet Your Mate", painfully remembering her near failure on a similar assignment not long ago.

Jack "Dodger" Anderson, ex-Army Ranger, agrees to help his brother Matthew on a reality show. Jack dreads his role until his brother starts receiving threats. Then he goes into action as he tries to protect his brother and find the culprit.

When Brielle recognizes Jack from a previous embarrassing assignment, her past desire for him reignites. Although Jack believes Brielle is just another contestant, sparks begin to fly, the threats increase, and it all too quickly becomes apparent Matthew isn't the only one in danger.

In Meet Your Mate, Donna Michaels has constructed a well-written suspense thriller that does not disappoint. Michaels keeps the plot moving forward at a rapid pace to the unexpected end.

If you enjoy working along side the investigators, pick up this book and see if you can solve the case before they do. You won't be sorry you did.

Book Blurb for Meet Your Mate

Ex-Army Ranger Capt. Jack `Dodger' Anderson would rather run naked through a minefield in the Afghan desert than participate in a reality television show, but when his brother Matthew begins to receive threats, Jack quickly becomes Matthew's shadow. As if the investigation isn't baffling enough, he has to contend with the addition of a beautiful and vaguely familiar new contestant.

Security specialist, Brielle Chapman reluctantly agrees to help her uncle by going undercover as a contestant on the Meet Your Mate reality show. Having nearly failed on a similar assignment, she wants to prove she still has a future in this business. But when the brother of the groom turns out to be Dodger, the object of her secret desire from an embarrassing prior undercover case, her job becomes harder. Does he recognize her? And how can she investigate with their sizzling attraction fogging her brain? Determined to finish the job, she brings the case to a surprising climax, uncovers the culprit and meets her own mate.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.50