Love at the Crazy H

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Love at the Crazy H

Always a Cowboy

Trip Hall has returned to Shirley, Wyoming after a car crash ended his career as a movie stuntman. Now a single father to son Trevor, Trip works hard to provide for his son as Trip relearns to walk. Picking up the pieces of his shattered life, he finds family love and support the best healer of all.

Beth Corcoran carefully eases into a tentative friendship with Trip, especially because she still remembers their painful past. Raising a three-year-old daughter on a limited budget proves enough of a challenge. She certainly does not need a man in her life, especially someone as untrustworthy as Trip.

When Beth's life takes a harrowing turn at the hands of a stalker, Trip tries to protect her and her daughter leaving him wide-open for heartache.

Always a Cowboy, a powerful and provocative tale written by Cindy Spencer Pape, holds family love and responsibility in high regard. As the Hall family rallies around Beth and Bailey in their time of need, Beth realizes the powerful strength and safety this family can provide. Mindful of the past, however, will she ever be able to trust Trip in the future?

Quickly immersed into the Hall family and their life in Shirley, the reader will feel the strong bond among the numerous family members. Deftly brought to life, the characters have a depth rarely seen in contemporary fiction. A page-turner in the truest sense, this book is difficult to put down. Always a Cowboy is a must read for all true romantics, especially those who desire an additional blend of spice and suspense along the way.

Book Blurb for Love at the Crazy H

When old friends reunite, danger threatens and sparks fly! Trip Hall had a nice life in Hollywood until a car crash gone wrong destroyed his future as a stuntman. Now he’s back home in Shirley, Wyoming, leaning how to walk again, and how to be a single dad to his baby son Trevor. He doesn’t have room in his life for a woman, especially one with lots of baggage and an adorable three-year-old daughter. Beth Corcoran learned her lesson about Trip’s playboy ways back in high school, and she knows better than to give her heart to him again. But when a stalker threatens Beth and her daughter, everything changes. Will Trip be able to save them in time? Can they trust each other with their hearts, as well as their lives?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.50