Lone Star Angel

Lone Star Angel by Linda Carroll-Bradd is a first-rate Christmas story. Luc Tarrant and his ranch hands are living a well-ordered life in the middle of nowhere, when an unexpected arrival turns calm into chaos.

Carni Wendell is traveling around the country visiting family members and has stopped at Luc's cattle ranch to see her sister Ame, Luc's new cook. Suddenly Luc finds his comfortable routine disrupted by the spirited redhead.

Trying to turn her life around after becoming involved with a gang of stagecoach robbers, Carni is shocked to find herself thrown into the local jail. As Luc tries to gain her freedom, the sheriff forces Carni and Luc to make an unexpected decision. In the few days Carni has been at the ranch, Luc realizes his world will never be the same.

This is a fun spicy story that reminds us how strong family ties can be, and that miracles do happen, especially at Christmas time.

Book Blurb for Lone Star Angel

Mischief comes to Wayside Gap, Texas

A repentant ex-outlaw, Carnelian Wendell, visits her sister Amethyst, the cook on a Texas cattle ranch. The deaths of the bandit gang straighten out Carni's reckless ways and she's looking for a new life. Solitary rancher, Luc Tarrant, hesitates about adding this spoiled lady to his struggling ranch but soon discovers he can't resist her irrepressible spirit. A trip to town exposes Carni to the sheriff's curious eye and she is jailed for suspicion of train robbery. Luc develops a plan to spring her, but when the sheriff calls his bluff, Luc's plan backfires, leaving the couple with a decision that will change both their futures.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.00