Investment of the Heart

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Investment of the Heart

Simon Cole believed his nephew was making a huge mistake with his desire to marry Elise Barron. After all, she was a city girl, and would probably do to Justin what Simon’s sister-in-law Loretta did to his brother Sidney, abandon the family. When Sidney died in a car crash a couple of years later, Simon assumed full responsibility for his niece and nephew.
Hallie Barron also had reservations about the couple’s relationship. They had only known each other a short time and life on a working ranch included long days of hard work. Also, Elise would live far from family and friends. Hallie knew the loneliness of ranch life.
Simon and Hallie got off to a bad start when they met for lunch at his request. He tried to talk her into helping him break up Justin and Elise. Justin’s former girlfriend, Caitlyn, lived on the large prosperous ranch next door and marriage between Caitlyn and Justin would bring the land and money the Coles needed.
When Justin invites Elise and her mother to spend a couple of weeks at the ranch, Hallie decides it might be beneficial for all involved. What she was not looking forward to was spending two weeks in close proximity to the loathsome Simon.
Author Linda LaRoque has written a thoroughly enjoyable western romance. She obviously cares for her characters as she has developed them into people with strong, realistic feelings and opinions.
Ms. LaRoque ably sets the stage for the two-week visit to the ranch, providing enough information to carry the reader along without giving away the plot twist ahead. Well-developed secondary characters add charm and flavor.
The story flows smoothly and moves quickly to a surprising but inevitable conclusion leaving the reader to wonder how these characters fare in the future. That, to me, is a sign of a good author.

Book Blurb for Investment of the Heart

Widow Hallie Barron wants her daughter happily married to the young rancher she loves. When Simon Cole enters Hallie’s life she’s reminded she’s a woman with needs and desires. She yearns for a love like she once had, but fears risking her heart.

Rancher Simon Cole doesn’t feel that city women belong on a ranch. He’s set to prove his nephew’s fiancée is a mistake. Yet when he meets her mother, he finds himself wishing there was a place for Hallie in his life.

On a ranch in the Hill Country of Texas, love is recognized, lost, and found.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2009 4.00