Hiding in Plain Sight

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Judy Winston, long time flight attendant, was on the wrong flight at the wrong time. Seeing three masked men attempting to hijack the plane while it is still on the ground, she secretly begins helping passengers escape. Suddenly thrown onto the emergency ramp, she lands facedown under the plane with a big lug of a man on top of her, bullets flying all around them.

Six months later DEA agent Chase Danton again comes to Judy's rescue. Working on a drug smuggling case, Agent Danton recruits her to go undercover at her own airlines. Despite her fears, she knows she must help find the drug smugglers before she can get her life in order and escape the demanding Danton. As the ringleaders grow more suspicious and Judy and Chase's relationship heats up, she soon begins to wonder whether she will live long enough to see the operation through.

Hiding in Plain Sight throbs with romance and danger. As the challenges increase, only her strong will keeps her in the fight to bring down the enemy, and at the same time keep a certain DEA agent's passion at bay. Under increasing attack, Judy begins to question whom she can trust. How do the drug traffickers know her every move?

Barbara Goodwin has constructed a strong suspense with frequent surprising twists keeping the reader wondering the ringleader's identity. Danger seems to be at every turn as the DEA fights to crack the case before anyone else dies.

With a fast pace, strong plot, and believable characters, Hiding in Plain Sight is a difficult book to put down. This story will keep the reader enthralled.

Book Blurb for Hiding in Plain Sight

Senior flight attendant Judy Winston is on the wrong flight at the wrong time when hijackers try to take over her airplane while it’s still parked at the gate. During the evacuation, she’s abruptly thrown down the emergency slide by DEA agent Chase Danton. Chase has seen enough in his lifetime. He watches the brave flight attendant save the passengers—now he has to save her. The DEA suspects that a ring of airline employees are smuggling drugs on flights and Agent Danton recruits Judy to go undercover at her airline. Who is the ringleader? It must be someone high up in the airline… Chase’s demanding, no-nonsense attitude grates on Judy. Strong-willed, she won’t bend to his demands—or will she? When the drug smugglers find where Judy’s been Hiding In Plain Sight, Chase vows to protect her as they fall into a highly-charged, passionate and dangerous love affair.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50