Her Sanctuary

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Her Sanctuary

Former FBI agent Elizabeth Ward, on the run from the mob and the authorities, found herself deep in the Montana Mountains. Having gone deep undercover to catch a dangerous criminal, she was physically and emotionally exhausted, betrayed by the very agency sworn to protect her. Hidden deep in the mountains, Eliza knew it was only a matter of time before she was found, and permanently silenced.
Nat Sullivan and his family were trying to hang on to the Triple H Ranch. With the ranch near bankruptcy, Nat had opened a rustic working retreat to raise needed income. Little did he know his first lodger was a beautiful stranger who would show up in the middle of the night, exhausted, scared, and trigger-happy.
The longer Eliza stayed at the ranch, the more suspicious Nat became when he realized not all was as it appeared. Although she fit in with the ranch hands and did her share of the chores, her suspicious nature and mannerisms caused Nat to regret allowing her to stay. On the other hand, he also knew the growing attraction between them could not be denied. When her presence caused danger to his family, Nat had a difficult decision to make.
Toni Anderson’s Her Sanctuary is a riveting fast-paced suspense story, filled with twists, turns, and danger. As the story flows seamlessly between the protagonists and antagonists, the tension rises to fever pitch. Just when you think you know the good guys from the bad, Anderson provides a surprising twist, or two.
Her Sanctuary is a powerful story of love and betrayal, loyalty in the face of extreme danger, and finding family where one least expects. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves the thrill of the chase as it is played out against the backdrop of the majestic Montana Mountains.

Book Blurb for Her Sanctuary

Running for her life, ex-FBI agent Elizabeth Ward escapes to Montana with a new identity. She craves peace and solitude, but instead finds handsome rancher, Nat Sullivan. Nat is trying to hold his ailing family together, while struggling to keep the ranch from bankruptcy. The last thing he needs is a beautiful stranger reminding him there is more to life than work. But Elizabeth isn't what she seems. And when a murderer and rapist track her down to the remote ranch, they all find out about the power of revenge. Revenge or Redemption. Which would you choose?

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2009 4.50