Hands Off

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Hands Off

With trepidation, Mia Sutherland attended her fifteenth high school class reunion. The former fat girl, now a slim, beautiful and flourishing wedding planner, quickly caught the eye of the class jock. Mia was shocked and disappointed to find him obnoxious and shallow.

As the class geek, Jason Wallace dreamed for years of the beauty queen, knowing she would never give him a second glance. Now an attractive and successful scientist, Jason drew her attention, but found her talkative clinging nature a turn-off.

Drawn together by a passion neither could explain, Mia and Jason's fervor for one another stunned them. Due to an inability to let go of the past, Mia's insecurities threatened to derail her future with the now red-hot Jase.

Sharon Cullen takes a penetrating look into the lasting effect of labels placed on vulnerable young people. Strong characterization and a red-hot romance combine to turn Hands Off into a steamy and intriguing read.

Book Blurb for Hands Off

When the former fat girl and the former geek meet at their high school reunions, past desires are tossed aside as new ones ignite. But when Mia's old insecurities return, can Jack convince her she's deserving of his love?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 4.00