Desperately Seeking Susie

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Desperately Seeking Susie

Outwardly, Susie Levine appears to have it all. She is a beautiful perfect size two living the high life in Miami Beach with wonderful friends, her artwork on display, and numerous men attracted to her vibrant personality. Inwardly, she has deep emotional issues due to a birth defect perfectly hidden by her father, a skilled plastic surgeon. Susie bounces from job to job, never able to live up to the high expectations of her family, but finds fulfillment when she volunteers at a homeless shelter pouring her heart and soul into helping the underdog.

One night during an electrical storm, a lightening bolt comes down toward her and the sky lights up like the 4th of July surrounding her with vibrant color. She senses a light airy sensation on her skin. Touched by magic, Susie suddenly sees the world around her in a different and more colorful light. She also soon discovers she can see into the future.

As a planned trip to Italy to study painting begins to take shape, a surprise romance with her childhood crush comes crashing down. Brett is a firefighter horrifically burned in an explosion. He breaks off their relationship when she encourages plastic surgery, preferring to wear his facial scars as a badge of honor. He does not want to become another one of her pet projects.

Author Patrice Wilton has written a fast-paced fun romp with laugh aloud moments. The captivating characters come alive on the pages of this engaging story. Desperately Seeking Susie is a delight to read and leaves us longing for more of this enchanting woman as she continues her journey through life.

Book Blurb for Desperately Seeking Susie

Susie takes her Top Shelf margaritas on the rocks, no salt, and spends Friday nights at the Candy Bar, the hottest spot in South Beach. She wears a perfect size 2, and blows her money on Jimmy Choo shoes. But appearances can be deceiving. She can never meet her father's impossible expectations and has given up trying. Susie was disfigured at birth and her father, a renowned plastic surgeon, started her life under the knife. The flaws that remain are carried deep. She's a champion for the underdog and volunteers at a homeless shelter. But as a college drop-out, she can't keep a job or a man in her life, and even the art she loves lacks that special spark. One night at the Candy Bar during a tropical storm, she feels something as light as a champagne fizz brush over her. She has been touched by magic and is able to see the world differently. Literally. Her grey world is suddenly filled with bright, vibrant color. She is about to begin an adventure of a lifetime, a six week sojourn in Florence to study painting, when a problem prevents her from leaving. Brett--a hot firefighter who she has known and loved for years, has fallen in love with her too. An explosion nearly costs Brett his life and leaves him scarred. He pushes her away, not wanting to be one of her "pity projects." At first she refuses, unwilling to leave anyone in need, little alone the man she loves.

But with the gift of sight came the ability to see the future. Is it possible she can have both--her dream of Italy and the man she loves, or will she always be desperately seeking Susie?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00