Cloaked in Assassination

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Cloaked in Assassination

Rene Ladue was in for a rude surprise when she arrived home. The contents of a mysterious envelope left at her doorstep revealed someone knew who she really was – a paid assassin for the CIA. Not only that, but the envelope contained pictures of her family.
If she did not kill the current president, all former presidents, and a candidate in the current presidential race, her new “boss” would kill her entire family.
Hunter Keller was a former Navy SEAL, now one of the finest Secret Service Agents ever known. His reputation was impeccable and he planned to keep it that way. He certainly was not going to let Rene down.
Rene, aka Velocity, developed a plan of attack, but she needed Hunter’s help to succeed. What she had not planned were the feelings that ignited between them. As she carried out her mission, step-by-step, Hunter had all he could do to keep up with her. Her name was Velocity for a reason.
After a rather slow first chapter, Cloaked in Assassination by Rebecca Savage, whirls along at breakneck speed carrying the reader with Rene and the rest of the team as she fights to protect her family and the nation’s top governmental leaders.
Along the way, she and Hunter are drawn together through attraction and yet pulled apart by circumstances. As Rene continues the deadly game against all odds and the advice of everyone around her, Hunter fights to keep her alive.
This fast-paced novel proves difficult to put down as the plot weaves in and out of one climax after another; often moving faster than even Velocity can travel. Enjoy this red-hot page-turner.

Book Blurb for Cloaked in Assassination

Hunter's an ex-Navy SEAL turned Secret Service Agent extraordinaire. He's never failed a mission, and he doesn't plan to: especially his mission to conquer Rene's heart.
The Heroine:
Rene's an assassin for the CIA who is being blackmailed to kill the current U.S. president, the former presidents, and a candidate in the upcoming election. She has no intention of doing so, but if she doesn't, her self-proclaimed boss will kill her family…the family whose identity should be anonymous, but has somehow been discovered. She's been found, identified, and marked, and she's not having it.
The Villain
Rene's mysterious 'boss' wants the presidents dead and his own candidate to win, for reasons known only to him. He threatens Rene and her family, secure in the belief she'll do as she's told. Instead, she sets a trap for him, stages their deaths, and in the process, finds love in the midst of danger.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.25