Chik~Lit for Foxy Hens

Chik-Lit for Foxy Hens reinforces life does not end at forty and second-time-around love is alive and well. This thought provoking collection of four novellas is well worth keeping for occasional re-reading.

Rose by Sharon Ervin

Jan and Charlie Hartley have the perfect marriage when disaster strikes. While they are coping with the daily struggle their lives have become, a mysterious stranger's appearance throws Jan off-kilter. Who is Fisk Reed and why does he show up everywhere she turns?

Not the typical story of love lost and love found, Rose gives us an emotional and thoughtful portrayal of selfless acts of kindness. Written with humor and a lively pace, Ervin holds our interest to the end.

Giving Up Panty Hose by Peggy Fielding

Rhett Prideaux, openly philandering husband of Lori, denies the possibility his marriage will end. Still very much in love, Lori moves 3,000 miles away to start a new life. Rhett files for divorce and marries his pregnant girlfriend.

In the meantime, Lori has purchased a fixer-upper, hired a very handy handyman and moved on with her life. When Rhett returns hoping to win Lori back sparks begin to fly.

Peggy Fielding delves deep into the underlying emotions and behavior of her characters. The increasing tension creates an interesting vibe as Lori works to sort out her feelings and make one more life-changing decision.

Flirting At Fifty by Jackie King

Katy Cole, newly divorced and encouraged by her strong network of female friends, practices her flirting skills with humorous and often discouraging results. Meeting Luke Wallace motives Katy to get back into the game of love.

Jackie King combines humor with painful observations of a two-timing husband, an unwanted divorce and the challenge of dating. Flirting at Fifty is an enjoyable read that ends all too soon.

Second Best by Paula Watkins

Bertha has always thought of herself as an ugly duckling although her husband insisted she was beautiful. Her best friend Pandora needs Bertha to remain inferior to enhance her own self-esteem.

When Bertha has corrective surgery at her now dead husband's insistence, she becomes a beautiful swan. Can her friendship with Pandora survive? And what about Chuck, the man Pandora has in her sights?

Watkins writes with great insight of the inner psyche of women, the beautiful and the ugly. She plumbs the depths of jealousy and the longing to rise above one's circumstances, and the tragic consequences of a friendship built on shallow ground.

Book Blurb for Chik~Lit for Foxy Hens

Chik~Lit for Foxy Hens is four novellas of "over-forty" romance.

Rose by Sharon Ervin. Grieving the inevitable death of her natty husband, Jan Hartley disregards the brute in run-over cowboy boots elbowing his way into her life. But Fisk Reed is a hard man to ignore.

Giving Up Panty Hose by Peggy Fielding. Lori Prideaux's philandering husband never dreamed she would walk away from their fourteen-year marriage. She surprises him, moves 3,000 miles away, finds a job, a house and a very handy handyman before her ex arrives to attempt amends.

Flirting at Fifty by Jackie King. Married young, Katy Cole never mastered the art of flirting. Now, newly divorced, with a cool guy on her hot summertime roof, Katy is motivated to learn new skills.

Second Best by Paul Jean Watkins. Despite her protests, Bertha's husband insisted she was beautiful. After his death, her friend Pandora attempts to keep Bertha feeling inferior, until a bequest from the grave proves her husband's contention-even to her.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2008 4.00