Black Widow

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Black Widow

Book Length: Plus Novel

Black Widow opens as Kathryn McAllister leaves prison after three years incarceration for the murder of her husband. Because of new evidence, her conviction has been overturned. Instead of heading to a new location and new life, Kathryn plunges right back into her small town, intent on finding the real killer.

Nick DiSalvo chose to become a small town chief of police after his job as a big city cop destroyed his marriage. Enjoying the mundane routine of his new post, Nick is reluctant to re-open the investigation, especially since Michael McAllister was the only child of a prominent local family and the newly released ex-con has little proof of her innocence.

Going with his gut feeling that something wasn't right about the handling of the case, confirmed by the accelerating harassment of the former convicted killer, Nick decides to look into the possibility of a frame-up. As his growing passion for the ex-con becomes the talk of the town and threatens to derail his new career, Nick must continue to protect Katherine as he seeks to find the real killer. Nick soon finds himself in danger as well.

Laurie Breton has written a strong fast-paced thriller that will keep the reader enthralled to the unexpected end. As the list of suspects grows, the investigation uncovers a shocking thirty-year-old secret that rocks the town to its core.

Book Blurb for Black Widow

Sex, lies and murder to conceal the shameful secrets of a picturesque little Southern town.

The jury had no hesitation in convicting Kathryn McAllister of killing her husband — she'd been found standing over his body, covered in blood and holding the murder weapon. But four years later new evidence supports her claims of innocence. With her conviction overturned, Kathryn returns to the hometown of her husband's wealthy, prominent family, determined to find the real killer.

New police chief Nick DiSalvo has left the stress of big-city SWAT team work that destroyed his marriage, and just wants to deal with small-town small problems. But Kathryn's demand that he re-open the investigation into her husband's murder disrupts his new relaxed life when he has to protect her from harassment and attacks. The irresistible heat exploding between them traps him between passion and police work.

The investigation leads them to uncover a thirty-year-old secret so terrible that someone will kill — again — to keep it hidden.

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere, 1999.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 5.00