Bed of Lies

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Bed of Lies

Reviewer Synopsis:

Ace Bear returned to Spruce Harbor twelve years after prejudice and treachery tore apart his relationship with the woman he loved. Now a DEA officer determined to bring down a cocaine ring running rampant in the area; Ace realizes his love for Brenna is as strong as ever.

Brenna is furious Ace dares to return after deserting her the day their infant daughter died. As they begin to sort through their feelings for one another, Ace continues to track down the force behind the cocaine ring. He soon finds his suspects dying untimely deaths. Not only must he strive to stay one step ahead of the killer, but now Brenna's life is in danger.

As they struggle to unravel the layers of lies that tore them apart, they must also battle the forces that now want them dead.


Pam Champagne's Bed of Lies is one of the best reads in a long time. She has weaved a web of deception, lies and treachery in an aptly named book that will keep the reader enthralled from cover to cover.

Ace knows from first hand experience the intricacy of his former home town. Both Ace and Brenna have struggled to overcome difficult childhoods. Brenna has developed an inner strength that is tested at every turn. The depth of love Ace has for her drives him to protect her even at the risk of his own life. They are reunited in the midst of a small town struggling with a cocaine ring, rampant rumor mill, and blatant prejudice. Aware that his first love is incensed at his return, Ace does everything he can to keep her alive as he sorts through the tangled web of gossip and lies in his drive to destroy the cocaine ring.

As the plot unfolds, the reader is kept in suspense during a riveting story diving headlong toward a climatic end. Not everyone is as they seem. The gossip of the small town does nothing to help Ace sort out who is behind the growing number of deaths.

As their love grows, and Ace struggles to keep Brenna alive, he also has to face the fact he is keeping his own lie, one that ultimately may destroy their love forever. Bed of Lies is a book you will not want to put down.

Anything Else: Contains explicit sex, graphic language and violence

Book Blurb for Bed of Lies

Can separated soul mates learn to trust each other again before a ruthless killer ends their second chance?

Drug Enforcement Agent Ace Bear returns to Spruce Harbor, Maine to investigate a deadly drug ring. He's prepared to deal with the town's bigotry against his Cree heritage, but when he comes face-to-face with the woman he loved twelve years ago, passion flares. He realizes the ties between them cannot be broken.

Brenna McKenzie is furious the man who deserted her the day their infant daughter died has dared to show his face. When she discovers why Ace is in town, however, fear for her brother, who she suspects is a drug addict, forces her to swallow her animosity. Ace's return ignites a chain of events and soon Brenna's own life is in jeopardy.

As Brenna and Ace struggle to understand the treachery that once ripped them apart, they fight to stay one step ahead of the danger that threatens to put an end to their reunion-and their lives.

Warning: This title contains explicit sex, graphic language and violence.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 5.00