A Scent in the Night

Lorelei Duplessis, an award-winning chef from Montreal, Quebec arrives in Hyannis Port for an important international competition. Still reeling from her Uncle Roche's death, and haunted by the long ago mysterious disappearance of her parents, Lorelei plans her own demise, quite possibly involving her beloved Porsche.

Galen Kennedy has his own skeletons and finds a kindred spirit in Lorelei. Unfortunately, he can't seem to tame her wild spirit. The millionaire business tycoon and his brother Justin, are working together to catch the smugglers using his ships to traffic weapons.

As Galen and Lorelei's attraction for one another grows, she inadvertently becomes involved in the conflict and becomes the next target. On the run and not knowing whom to trust, she heads as far away as possible only to find herself exactly where she doesn't want to be - under a man's control, and spell.

Isabella Montwright has written a first-class thriller. A Scent in the Night moves quickly through a captivating and combustible drama. The characters advance the plot in a timely manner, deftly brought to life through their emotions and actions.

A Scent in the Night is a must read for anyone who enjoys a steamy romance mixed with life and death situations. This book leaves the reader wanting more from the incomparable Montwright.

Book Blurb for A Scent in the Night

After her parents' death, Lorelei concentrates on becoming a renowned culinary chef. At an international competition she meets a man who makes her face the past, her struggles to end her life and what the future might hold.

Millionaire business tycoon Galen Kennedy will go to any lengths to catch the smugglers who are using his ships to traffic weapons. Obsessed with Lorelei, he will use any means to possess her, unaware than in doing so he will make her the target of one of the largest international weapons cartels operating in Europe.

Publisher Note: This book was previously published elsewhere.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2008 5.00