A Law of Her Own

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A Law of Her Own

After years as a lawyer in the family firm, Charity Dawson knew she needed a change. Tired of catering to the rich, she longed to work in a public defenders office where she could help those in need. Although her father was furious, Charity left the firm seeking new horizons.
Charity was shocked at how much her life changed because of her decision. Suddenly she found herself in a dry wheat field outside a dusty Texas cow town. Upon entering the town, she quickly became involved in a murder trial. As she worked to prove a man’s innocence, her testimony was thrown out due to the beliefs of the day. In addition, who among them would believe she is a lawyer? Certainly not the men of this town.
Turner Reardon, falsely accused of murdering the woman he was seeing, realized his life would soon end when Charity’s life-saving evidence was thrown out and the jury’s decision read.
Can this oddly dressed, feisty woman turn the conviction around? She thinks she can. Turner only shakes his head in disbelief.
Linda LaRoque has written a lively tale of mysterious time travel, a modern day woman dropped into an 1888 Texas town, and an instant attraction between two people born over a century apart.
Reading this love story is a joy. LaRoque’s characters come alive in a fast-paced western romance you will want to finish in one read. Detailed descriptions and a sense of the time and place help the reader believe that Charity really was transported to Prairie, Texas.
There is realism to the story that only a few time travel authors can bring to the page. Grab this well written love story and enjoy the quick read. You will be glad you did.

Book Blurb for A Law of Her Own

She won’t let an innocent man hang

When Charity Dawson resigns her father’s corporate law firm to pursue a career as a trial lawyer, she gets more of a change than she wanted. She finds herself transported to 1888 Texas in the middle of a murder trial.

Turner Reardon is on trial for killing his mistress. He’s given up all hope when an oddly dressed young woman disrupts his trial, claiming she can prove his innocence. Her testimony is brilliant, but his optimism is short lived when she also claims she’s a lawyer.

Charity doesn’t know how she arrived in Prairie, and no one believes she actually went to law school. Her evidence is tossed out and Turner is sentenced to hang. She has only one chance to save an innocent man’s life and find the real killer.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2008 4.00