A Lady Betrayed

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A Lady Betrayed

Two strangers, a heavy rainstorm, and a night spent in a deserted gazebo are just the beginning of the riveting A Lady Betrayed, written by Nicole Byrd. When local villagers find the missing Miss Applegate the next morning, naked, unconscious and in the arms of a mysterious stranger, they are quick to spread the news. Adrian Carter, Viscount Weller, aware of the damage he has caused Madeline's reputation while trying to save her life, immediately announces they are betrothed.

Madeline had planned to live a quiet life taking care of her invalid father leaving marriage to her sisters. After grave consideration of her situation, Madeline and her father accept Adrian's proposal unaware the secrets of his past may shorten his life span and Madeline's too. With their future at stake, Adrian must deflect a lunatic bent on destroying the promise of a new life together.

Betrothal to the Viscount elevates Madeline's social status in the eyes of the women in the area and opens her up to a new level of cattiness and cruelty that threatens her calm demeanor. How Madeline and her friend Felicity handle the pompous among them is well written and humorous.

Nicole Byrd brings her characters to life in a tension-filled story that deftly flows between suspense and humor. Even secondary characters have a depth that gives the reader a sense she is at the scene as it is taking place.

From the beginning, A Lady Betrayed is full of adventure as two people try to save their reputations and their lives in Regency-era England. Nicole Byrd has scored once again.

Book Blurb for A Lady Betrayed

When Adrian Carter, Viscount Weller, comes across an unconscious woman in the rain, his attempts to aid her land them in a compromising position. Now, with her reputation ruined, Madeline has no choice but to accept Adrian's marriage proposal-and face the secrets from his past that could tear them apart forever.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2007 5.00