A Different Kind of Honesty

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A Different Kind of Honesty

Different Kind of Honesty begins with a hookup in a seedy bar. Maggie Lawless knew the dangers of such a liaison, but she could not deny the strong electric current flowing between the two. After dinner and a memorable night with the dark handsome stranger, Maggie returned to real life with pleasant memories of the encounter.

Tony Valentino, an FBI agent, is just coming out of four years in deep undercover work with the mob. With his marriage in tatters and his life on the line, one of the things that keeps him going are the memories of the all too brief night with a beautiful woman.

When Tony and Maggie unexpectedly meet again, they realize their encounter left both of them wanting more. As their relationship heats up, so does the danger as Tony prepares to testify against the mob. Soon the two realize they do not know whom to trust, including each other.

Jane Richardson has written a riveting story with unexpected twists and turns. Danger is real in the lives of the men and women who have gathered in New York as they try to make the city a safer place. Alliances form quickly, the desire to trust conflicting with the need to stay alive during a difficult assignment.

A Different Kind of Honesty is a fast-paced tale filled with strong relationships and unexpected drama, with a fascinating plot that will leave you breathless. This story is well worth reading!

Book Blurb for A Different Kind of Honesty

Always the one who ends relationships before they've barely begun, it's way out of character for Maggie Lawless to take a risk with a man she hardly knows. But when she meets a man in a seedy New York City diner, she senses a truth about him, a sincerity like no-one she's ever met before.

Tony Valentino is an FBI agent fresh from a long-term undercover operation that's left his life in tatters. His marriage over, separated from his children and with nowhere to call home, he's frustrated and angry. All that keeps him going is the sweet memory of a brief encounter with a beautiful woman, though it wakes him from crazy dreams that leave his mouth dry and his sheets soaked with sweat. When he meets her again, it's obvious the fire that burned so briefly between them never really went out...but as their affair rekindles, both Tony and Maggie find the very people they thought they could trust are the first to turn against them.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2008 5.00